The above image is from the bottom of Gleno waterfall, taken using a slow shutter speed to capture the journey of the water in one smooth movement which seems to work well with the terrace that has been created by the rocks and then grey scaled.

warming slight-blur sea-and-couds-colour

The above images were taken at Carrickfergus harbour as the sun was starting to go down over Belfast lough, I enjoyed capturing the different cloud formations and colours in the sky.The first image was taken using a warming setting on my camera but I didn’t like the end result so I stayed away from that setting.


With the image above I like how the busy movement of the water at the bottom of the waterfall contrasts with the perfect stillness of the rocks and foliage that are unaffected by the water.

colour complete-blur

This image was blurred purposely to allow me to figure out where my thirds would fall and it was used a reference for the rest of the images taken.

contrast cropped light colour-version colour-change colour-change

My favourite images from above are those that have a light source entering from the right casting a shadow over the abandoned watchtower, they seem to have the most interesting narrative.


With the image above I de-staurated some of the colours because they just didn’t fit the scene, it didn’t look old and abandoned with the bright colour that it usually has.

blue-sky black-and-white black-and-white-habour black-and-white-castle


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