30 second warm up sketches…

IMG_6328 IMG_6329

Class effort… everyone took a different coloured crayon and had 1 minute to draw as much as they could, we then rotated around each station, adding what we could to each others drawing… this exercise was rather fun…


then 30 seconds at each station…


using perspective to inform scale…




life drawing – semester 2

our first class of life drawing after the christmas break, again we begin the session with a warm up of 1 minute poses but afterwards this time we had to draw the poses with cuboid shapes.. it was rather hard to get into the hang of. Then to end the class we had two poses which the models held for 20 minutes, allowing us to try for a bit more detail.

Below are some examples of the better drawings from this class…

IMG_5549 IMG_5550 IMG_5548 IMG_5547

life drawing- Storyboarding



Left hand side – our model standing up in 3 clear steps

Right hand side – ┬áthe same sort of positions as before but this time he can be seen entering in a cave (keeping low) then in the third he is defending himself from some sort of creature.



the model has now been forced onto his back by the creature, protecting his face. The next set of panels were intended to show force/ power.



I rather enjoy storyboarding in life drawing, makes a difference to the usual drawing of poses and allows for a bit more imagination.