Updated Animatic

Hannah T updated our animatic with Daryl’s finished paintings…


Offended bin…

Jess kindly put together a shot list, we were then able to divide it up between us taking 4 shots each, we quickly doodled out the scenes on post its, mine being 6-11.



Hannah T then created a set using maya, where we could all create our own cameras based on the shots we needed, making sure there was continuity across all of the drawings…

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 15.11.32

Again to keep continuity Daryl created a bin using maya as we each had a bin in one of our shots, this way the haircutter wouldn’t change across the drawings…

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 15.14.00

By taking a screen shot of our cameras in maya we could bring these into photoshop were we simply drew over them on a separate layer…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 16.52.32

My scenes for the storyboard…

bin storyboard 6&7

bin storyboard 8&9

bin storyboard 10

Hannah and I then created the shot breakdown list…


IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8766 IMG_8767

After receiving some feedback from our tutor we were told we would need more bins so that there was another aspect to match the look of the CG bin, Daryl had also kindly put together a rough storyboard for the dubstep idea which we were told we would have to work up along with the concept above…

dubstep storyboard:

dtb-1-2 dtb-3-4 dtb-5-6 dtb-7-8 dtb-9-10 dtb-11-12 dtb-13-14


Skill Set Storyboards

Offended Bin

Below is our animatic along with a voice over of the shot breakdowns…



CAMERA: Establishing shot- tracking shot in front of actor, night time.

ACTION: Actor walking and eating.



CAMERA: Tracking shot.

ACTION: Actor crushes rubbish.



CAMERA: Tracking shot.

ACTION: Bin enters bottom left of frame, actor tosses rubbish over right shoulder.



CAMERA: Long shot from side.

ACTION: Rubbish lands in “wrong” bin, actor continues walking forward.



CAMERA: Lockdown shot.

ACTION: Character walks off screen (left), bin remains in shot.



CAMERA: Close up – bin.

ACTION: Eyes appear on bin.



CAMERA: Close up.

ACTION: Eyes move in direction of actor.



CAMERA: Long shot of bin.

ACTION: Grows arms.



CAMERA: Long shot of bin.

ACTION: Lifts bottom to reveal wheel.



CAMERA: Long shot of bin.

ACTION: Body rotates in direction of actor.



CAMERA: Long shot of bin- Lockdown shot.

ACTION: Bin wheels off screen (left).



CAMERA: Long shot of bin: lockdown shot.

ACTION: View of park.



CAMERA: Low angled shot.

ACTION: Bin wheel at bottom right of frame, actor in of full view on left, actor walking         further into distance.



CAMERA: Low angle shot.

ACTION: Actor walking away from camera, bin wheels towards actor.



CAMERA: Long shot (side).

ACTION: Bin spits rubbish back at actor.



CAMERA: Long shot (side).

ACTION: Rubbish travelling towards actor.



CAMERA: Close up, back of actor’s head.

ACTION: Rubbish hits back of actor’s head.



CAMERA: Close up, back of actor’s head.

ACTION: Actor turns to face camera (shocked expression).



CAMERA: Over the shoulder shot.

ACTION: Actor left of frame, bin in distance (right), bin looks ‘normal’ (no wheel, no eyes).



CAMERA: Low angle shot.

ACTION: Bin right of frame, actor in distance has turned to face bin.



CAMERA: Low angle shot.

ACTION: Bin’s eyes reappear, looking in direction of actor, actor continuing to walk into the distance.

Below is a downloadable version of the Shot breakdowns…

Shot breakdowns (bin)

Location reference

2014-10-02 18.18.34

Learning Outcomes:

  1. 3D tracking
  2. Lighting and Look development
  3. Compositing
  4. Effects animation
  5. Rigging
  6. Multi-pass rendering.

Music causing changes to the environment

Below is our animatic along with a voice over of the shot breakdowns…

Shot breakdown



CAMERA: Establishing shot – Close up.

ACTION: Night time and raining.



CAMERA: P.O.V – Actor looking at IPod.

ACTION: Hits play – Music plays – Classical -Slow.



CAMERA: Close up – Car Wing mirror.

ACTION: Reflection – Actor’s Back – Walking away.



CAMERA: Close up- Car wing mirror.

ACTION: Car begins to lift upward slowly.



CAMERA: Long Shot – Side (actor and car in shot).

ACTION: Actor walking, Car (and other objects. E.g. Bins) Rising.



CAMERA: Close up tracking shot.

ACTION: Actors face (foreground), Rising Cars, Bins, Dumpster (background).



CAMERA: Close up (POV).

ACTION: Actors hand (pressing button), actor changes song. (upbeat song)



CAMERA: Long shot – side view.

ACTION: Actor walking, objects following actor and rotating to music.



CAMERA: Low Angle Shot.

ACTION: Actor in the distance walking away from camera, puddle fore ground, water rising up, other objects seen floating.



CAMERA: Close up -Tracking shot (actor’s Face).

ACTION: Objects stop rising and start rotating to the music.



CAMERA: P.O.V Close up (ipod).

ACTION: Showing battery is dying.



CAMERA: Close up (actor).

ACTION: Attention directed at iPod, reacting to low battery.



CAMERA: P.O.V Close up (Ipod).

ACTION: Lights go out and battery is dead.



CAMERA: Long Shot – Side

ACTION: Actor stopped, objects crash to the ground.

Below is a downloadable version of the Shot breakdowns…

Shot breakdown music

Location reference

2014-10-02 18.17.05

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compositing
  2. 3D tracking
  3. Lighting and Look development
  4. Rig removal
  5. Multi-pass rendering
  6. Effects animation
  7. 2D tracking
  8. Retouching

Other team members:





Continuing on from the advice we were given, we sat down as a group and discussed the story – eventually giving some more context as to why the penguin wouldn’t jump.



Daryl and I were to create the storyboard but our styles both differed massively (his are much more painterly and impressive) so we divided it in half (I took the first half, he took the second) we then swapped images and drew over the others in our own style so at least the compositions were the same, mine would be used for the rough animatic so we could plan out our timing while Daryl’s would be used as the final storyboard/ animatic images…

animatic_12 7

Rough animatic:


1. The establishing shot will shot a large iceberg on an ice field. A penguin can be seen jumping off the iceberg and disappearing through a hole on the ice field.


2. Camera cuts to a closer view of the iceberg, three penguins can be seen standing on the surface, the smaller of the three shuffles to the edge of the iceberg.


3. Camera cuts to an over the shoulder shot. Penguin is peering over the edge, a large shadow can be seen underneath the surface of the ice.


4. Camera cuts back to a medium shot of all of the penguins. The other two penguins are telling the smaller to jump, he frantically shakes his head.


5. The smaller penguin is then pushed off the edge of the iceberg.


6. As the penguin falls the camera follows, the edge of the iceberg changing to show the movement is happening, the penguin also rotates to a head first position.


7. Penguin hits the ice head first, there will be a slight pause before the body follows

animatic_14 animatic_15animatic_17

8. Camera will cut to a low angle shot, looking up the cliff edge, the other two penguins can be heard laughing, this shot will establish where the fallen penguin now is compared to the other two who are still on top of the ice berg. The smaller penguin will pop up into the left side of the fame, he turns around and we can see that he is upset. As he is turning towards the camera a loud crack can be heard, (we may include a shot to show the character’s shocked reaction).


9. Camera cuts to a birds eye view of the fallen penguin, a large cracks shoots across the frame beginning at the penguin’s feet.


10. Camera then cuts to a wide angled shot of the iceberg and the fallen penguin, there is a slight pause as we await to see what happens next, the penguins on the iceberg are no longer laughing.


11. The large iceberg collapses into the water below, as the iceberg falls the characters will hang mid-air as they realise what is happening, this gives us the opportunity to apply some squash and stretch to the characters.


12. A wide angle shot of the fallen penguin alone in this vast environment, making him look even smaller.


13.  An orca fin surfaces where the iceberg collapsed, reminding us why the penguin wouldn’t jump. The audience are left to decide the fate of the bullies…

The images above where then used to create a rough animatic so we could figure out our timing, these will then be replaced with coloured concepts created by another member of the group keeping our animatic up to date!

Feedback we received after our pitch:

1. The cinematography needs to be forced more, especially in the shots of the penguin looking up towards the characters on top of the iceberg – that perspective can be forced a lot more.

2. Once the penguin has fallen he should be moved to the centre of the image, everything in the wide angled shots needs to be shifted to the right more – this will allow the iceberg to be even larger. Moving our main character to the middle will draw the audiences focus to him, they will expect him to fall through the ice – not the bullies.

3. The splash at the end should be bigger – we have decide to have a massive column of water to shoot up and out of the frame.

4. Is the whale necessary? The gag is that the bullies fall into the water below instead of the penguin who actually caused the crack, however if we remove the whale from the story then there is no context as to why the penguin won’t jump in the first place, so we are still working on this…

Daryl then corrected the composition of the shots that the feedback applied to:


A more forced perspective, we are also considering applying depth of field to this shot – the penguins on top of the iceberg will be the focal point of this shot, as the penguin pops into the frame he will be blurred compared to the other two who will be sharp until he starts to turn around to face the camera, the background will blur as the fallen penguin becomes the focal point of the shot.


Main character moved to the centre of the image.


Splash made bigger to respond to the size and mass of the iceberg hitting the water.