Cathy’s letter to the sheriff regarding Joe

Joe Valery: is an ex-convict who escaped from San Quentin and is now working as a pimp/bouncer for Cathy (Kate). He develops an admiration for her – stemmed from fear. She places more trust in him as her arthritis worsens and he takes advantage of this by blackmailing her but ultimately Cathy get the last laugh, she figures out what he’s been doing and turns him into the sheriff before she commits suicide.

Her letter makes an appearance in the novel, we want to include this in our version of her letter but we also plan on developing it..

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Dear Ralph,

Tell the sheriff that it wouldn’t do any harm to check on Joe Valery’s fingerprints. You remember Joe. He works for me, well worked – I think you’ll come across an interesting find.
I took him in and hid him, I thought he would make the girls feel safe, an ex convict to protect them and it did! He looked after them, stopped any of them from getting into trouble, they trusted him and so did I – big mistake that was.
I thought I could control him and I did – until I started to lose control of my damned hands and he had to step in.. the power went straight to his head, the lying bastard – tried to blackmail me, well we’ll see about that! I’ll have the last laugh!!
Mrs. Kate.



Entry 27…Visit from Ethel

she thought she could outsmart me? Ethel, who the hell does she think she is, she’s just a worn out whore looking for some ‘easy’ money – I never let a friend down, I told her and tried to help her but she wanted more and I wasn’t going to give her more than she deserves. So she tried to blackmail me, frame me for Faye’s death.. but I got her, she actually thought i would give in that easily – how soft does she think I am! I gave her $100 and then framed her for theft – it was so easy – the complaining witness, a faithful client- Bill – bless him, the stupid oath he does anything I’s actually quite pathetic.

Entry 20…1915, rumours and severe arthritis

People are looking at me differently, they’re whispering, I bet Adam opened that stupid mouth of his! – I know he has, they know I’m Cathy, I’m sure of it, they’ve figured it out, I’m going to have to do something to turn them against him, convince them I’m Kate, I always have been and always will be…

My hands! It’s worse! It’s making things more difficult, It’s starting to scare the clients, I have to keep them covered… hidden in my own business – this better be as bad as it gets…

  • condition of arthritis is severely worse: hand writing deteriorating, more mistakes, words crossed out
  • no drawings or illustrations for this entry – instead scribbles of anger – trying to figure out how she’s going to use her hands, how she’ll carry on with the journal.

Entry 19…Adam’s second visit

Mr. Mouse visited me again today – he’s changed, he’s actually standing up for himself, must have finally found himself a woman – the poor girl, good luck to her.

He made me so angry! who does he think he is answering back to me like that and I will figure out what the fool is up to – leaving me this letter. He says he’s not up to any tricks but I’m certain he is, he must be, why would he deliver the letter in person? at all even? Charles’ has died, he’s left $50,000 for me, at least I get something out of this oath’s second visit. I don’t understand why he’s showed up with the letter, he could have easily kept the money for himself, I know I would have! No-one knew I was alive until he opened that stupid mouth of his. I bet he’s following those morals of his -HA! The jokes on him, they’ve lost him the money and I didn’t have to do anything, he’s went and done it all to himself. That’s where we differ, I don’t have morals, they only hold you back in life, I’m only concerned with myself and that’s all that matters – he should take a leaf out of my book – the fool!

Entry 12… Working for Faye

I’m so relieved Faye took me in, just imagine if I couldn’t find anywhere..returning to that religious man was not an option, though she kept pressing me with questions, I was close to snapping but I held my tongue, I’ll only work for the best, so I brushed them off and what a move that was, she calls me her daughter – stupid cow! Shows just how good I really am, I’ve wrangled my way in, making her and the other girls trust me, they adore me! They reckon I’ll be in charge one day, which will in fact be a reality – that idiot has put me in her will and the best part is she’s told me herself, she shouldn’t have done that – she doesn’t know what I’ve done, what I’m capable of, I’m just sweet innocent Kate to her but I could do it – It wouldn’t take much – I could just overdose her on her own medication, I control the meals in the house, I deliver her’s every evening… she’d never suspect…no-one would.

Just imagine… I’d be in charge, no Faye, just me. Oh how sweet that sounds… I want it…I want it now.


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 00.53.17


For each diary entry that has occurred somewhere in the novel, I have used that chapter as a starting point for the entry, above is a screenshot of part of novel that corresponds with Faye showing Cathy her will.

Entry 23…Cal’s first visit

These dreams I’m having are getting stranger and stranger.. It felt so real- a blonde boy, quite a handsome one was kneeling at my feet, looking very familiar, I swear I’ve seen him before! Hang on- he’s the one that’s been following me, from the bank back to the house…
Joe says it happened, it was real, not a dream at all- how did he get back here? Who helped him! If one of my girls was stupid enough to help him for a little ‘easy’ money I’ll make sure she never works again!
No! Wait! It couldn’t be- Cal? Adam or Charles’ little spawns – I don’t really care who he belongs to, they are nothing to me! How did he find me – Adam wouldn’t have told them, he’ll want to protect them-or something foolish like that- well he better keep his mouth shut, I’ve lasted this long I’m not letting my secrets out now all because of a child- I’ll find the rancid dog that told him, I’ll deal with him.. He’ll never let anything slip again…



a quick sketch as she tries to remember Cal’s face.

Entry 3.. Cathy’s failed run away

He found me! I knew I should have planned it better, I won’t make that mistake next time, I’ll make sure he regrets it! He’ll regret ever coming to find me! He would have been better off leaving me in Boston, I’ll make sure he knows exactly what I’m capable of, that they both do – how dar she sit in the kitchen while he attempts to whip me, she’ll get what she deserves in return –

And my fool of a father – so easily controlled, all I had to do was a bit of sobbing and begging for him to stop – such a weak old man.

I don’t need people like that in my life, I’m strong, stronger than both of them and I’ll prove it to them, they think i’m just a little girl, but they don’t see it’s all just an act, I’ll do as they say, I’ll bide my time, plan every detail and no-one will suspect a thing!



the joint writing doesn’t look that great…