Animation Mentors

I quite liked this reel because of the multiple personalities and actions it goes through with such simple looking characters!



a few different character sketches…

IMG_7518 IMG_7513 IMG_7520 IMG_7517 IMG_7514 IMG_7519 IMG_7515


The super hero below was drawn on an A0 piece of card while down in Ballywalter where I was a leader on a CSSM team, a good bit of time was spent drawing images for other leaders to use during their talks. ‘Billy’ as he was nicknamed (the hero below) his job was to cover the huge hole that had been put in the wall by another leader – he was just SO excited for his chinese…


Snow White

some screenshots taken from Snow White that could be useful,

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.47.15

the colours in the image above would be similar in what we want to achieve, the faded background behind a foggy yellow light.

The images below are just looking at the style of the foliage, trying to decide how we plan on making ours look.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.47.03 Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.47.26

The model sheet for the squirrels, may influence the design of our character

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.46.06

Movie breakdown…

I’ve went through the movie marking the time where each character appears on screen….

overture – 3 minutes

Credits – 3.00-4.30

4:56- Kate, walks to the bank

5:45-Cal is seen sitting on a pavement, he follows Kate

6:20-Sally, passes Kate on her way out of the bank, we see 2 women talking about the ‘lady’ of the town-pointing to her.

7:38-Anne, cleaning.

8:15-cuts to Cal and Sally, Sally sitting on porch

8.27-Back to Kate’s house, now inside, Joe appears (looks tired, possibly been sleeping?)

8:45-Cal throws stone’s at the house, Joe comes running out, talks to him.

10:38- Cal climbs aboard the train, leaving Monterey

11:17-off train and back in Salinas

11:21-Aron and Abra appear, out walking to visit Father’s barn. Cal can be seen running alongside them, they are unaware.

12:45-Will and Adam discussing refrigeration business

12:52-Arrival of Cal

14:03-Abra and Aron arrive, seen in background

14:42-Aron and Abra head into the barn

15:58-Cal enters barn, we are still outside with Will and Adam

16:05-move inside barn, Aron and Abra appear from below

17:58-they realise Cal is there with them

18:50-Cal throws ice out of the barn

18:57-Adam and Will re-appear, they’ve heard all the noise that Cal has been making

19:03-At the table, Aron, Adam and Cal, reading from the bible

21:18-Aron leaves, Adam and Cal left alone

24:50-Cal leaves

24:56-Aron and Abra have been outside, while Cal we have been watching Cal and Adam

25:00-Gustav walks into frame, going to see Adam

25:16-Cal is back on the train on his way to Monterey

25:39-Inside bar

25:54-Joe and Anne either side of the shot, Anne-waitress, Joe-bouncer figure?

26:28-Anne and Cal talk, he wants to meet Kate

29:02-Anne gives in-takes him to the hallway

29:21-she leaves just Cal on screen heading down the corridor

29:42-Cal slowly pushed open the door, revealing Kate

29:50-shot of Kate’s hands, referencing her arthritis?

30:23-Joe called for by Kate (and a Tex, looks like the barman?)

30:30-Joe and Tex arrive onscreen

31:00-stuggle on screen with Cal

31:03-Cal and Sam in the jail, there’s another man in a cell singing, the conversation is revolving Adam and Kate’s relationship

33:53-They have left the jail and are now pulling up outside the Trask household

35:49-Cal approaches the window, he can see Adam with lettuce and ice

36:44-change of location, Cal irking in the field, camera pans back revealing lots of workers- putting up a coal chute

37:26-Adam approached by coal workers, their coal chute has gone missing

37:57-Adam calls for Cal, “where’s Aron?” (biblical reference to God asking Cain where Abel is, occurs later in the story also) Adam then praises Cal for the chute

38:53-Abra comes on screen with a basket, Aron’s lunch

38:40-she comes across Cal

39:00-Cal shoo’s the Mexican girl (Lillian) is this because Abra is following him? they sit and talk while she waits for Aron

43:52-Aba gets up to leave, before she does she tousles Cal’s hair

43:53-cuts to Aron arriving via horse

44:01-Abra shouting for Aron

44:07-Adam realises Cal has stolen the coal chute

44:12- Cal and Abra still in field, Adam runs onscreen

44:15-cal runs off screen

44:18-Adam is with the coal chute, he is shouting at Cal, who wanders into shot

44:32-cuts to Aron and Abra.. “He’s praising Cal”

44:36-back to Adam and Cal

44:44-no main characters on screen, closing up the train for journey

44:52-Cal appears, talks to men, standing up for father’s idea

44:56-he leaves, we are left with the 2 workers

45:00-Will,Cal, Adam, Aron,Abr, celebrating the send off of the train

45:17-cmaera follows Adam round the back of an abandoned building

45:29-Cal sneaks into frame, both watch the train leave

45:45-car scene- Adam, Will and Roy exit from a building…Cal,Aron and Abra are already at the car

48:06- 2 men walk on screen in the background and take Adam away, the rest are left in the background with Roy and the car.

48:25-cal slips away to join Adam, bad news-water has been running out of the cars of the train- it then cuts to this scene…

48:33-cuts to the scene, Adam, Cal and Aron (another man in background)

49:03-Adam walks off screen (towards us) dejected

49:05-Cal and Aron- Aron surprised father isn’t disappointed, Cal states Aron doesn’t understand him, cal leaves first- 49:09

49:11-change of scenery, Cal enters a hall- where men are exercising

49:18-Cal is forcibly removed by an unknown man

49:22-inside of hall

49:28- Cal is seen climbing, appears behind a curtain on stage

49:48-fire alarm goes off, they evacuate in no rush

50:04-Cal swings down from the stage bumping into Will before he has a chance to leave the hall, he pulled the fire alarm

50:25-men’s changing rooms, Cal and Will are discussing the beans

52:47-outside, misty day-figure seen walking along the path-it’s Kate

52:57-they pause and stare, Kate carries on walking, Cal swiftly follows, they begin to talk

55:26-Cal and Kate have moved it inside to her office- discussing the money, Cal leaves when he receives his cheque-we hear a door slam

63:47-Kate crying

63:54-newspaper shot layered with parade scene

64:01-parade scenes, no main characters

64:10-Aron and Abra in shot- background

64:16- they are off screen, parade scenes

64:21- they’re back, heading towards a tree, stand here and watch the parade,Adam seems to be hiding behind the tree, why?


64:41-Cal appears from a shop

64:58-spots Will in a car (part of the parade) speaks to him

65:03-parade scenes

65:11-Sam,Gustav and 2 other men are onscreen, shortly returns to parade scenes

65:32-Cal appears with a small child/boy

65:41-Cal approaches Abra and Aron

66:24-Cal leaves

66:28-Abra and Aron

66:36-back to parade

66:51-cuts to field, beans, Cal and 2 other figures (boy and his father)

67:01-Another newspaper heading

67:11-looks like men who have been brought to the war through conscription are heading off

67:14-Adam appears from a shop

67:24-cuts to Gustav’s shop, a brick is thrown

67:42-fades to Aron lying on the ground at home

67:44-camera pans back to reveal Adam, Cal and Gustav are also there

68:46-Cal lying in field watching his beans (reflection of previous scene with Aron) , he’s happy, onlookers are shouting to him

69:33-he’s taking a girl out tonight

69:34-fades to carnival scene, the girl can be seen standing behind Cal as he plays a game, he then runs off screen once finished leaving her alone

69:59-Abra is being annoyed by a man wearing a uniform

70:05-Cal appears, comes to the rescue? the man then leaves, they talk and head off to explore the carnival

72:45-Cal comes across the girl he came with, runs off again taking Abra with him

73:18-some sort of gathering is occurring beside the ferris wheel, Gustav comes into shot

73:20-Cal and Abra get on the ferris wheel

73:43-Ferris wheel stops, Cal and Abra at the top

77:24- cuts to Aron searching for Abra, who is still on the ferris wheel with Cal, he asks Gustav has he seen her, Cal sees Aron from the ferris wheel and sees that Gustav is being pushed around by the rest of the men, he begins to climb down the ferris wheel. Aron runs after Gustav and the man, Gustav pushed Charlie to the found (location is continuously changing as they run)

78:30-back to carnival and Cal is off the ferris wheel

78:37-Aron and Gustav arrive at Gustav’s home, the men shortly arrive, Aron tires to calm them down,Gustav reads aloud the letter about a woman’s son dying at war against the Germans.

79:58-they start to question Aron and why he’s not at the war

80:00-Cal jumps onto screen and joins in with the fight that is now occurring

80:20-Appearance of Sam (sheriff) abruptly stops the fighting

80:56-Abra runs on screen discreetly in the background

81:00-everyone begins to leave (the men)

81:12-Sam enters Gustav’s home

81:16-Aron is in foreground of shot, Sam (on porch) and Cal in background

81:25-Abra can be seen holding Cal’s coat which is noticed by Aron, Cal moves forward

81:55-Abra in the background, Cal in the foreground, Aron has been placed between them

82:05-Cal hits Aron

82:25-Sam appears at door but does not involve himself in the fight

82:26-Cal runs off to the bar, Aron tells Abra to stay while he enters the house, she follows Cal

82:50-cuts to inside bar, Cal, Abra follows shortly

84:20-Aron enters

84:28-Abra leave, followed by Aron

84:50- Cal at Will’s house looking for his money- he’s drunk

85:29-Cal climbing the side of a house

85:58-it’s Abra’s house, he’s knocking on her window, talk about organising a party for Adam

89:13-fades to inside Trask household, Cal runs across screen followed by Abra

89:19-they exit the house

91:18- cuts to outside, we see Aron meeting Adam (Aron trails out of shot for a moment)

91:54-everyone in shot bar Aron, they head in

92:21-Aron moves into foreground when the others enter the house

92:29-cuts to inside house

92:44-Aron is finally inside, although he’s still only appearing in the background

93:00-He’s off screen again, other three in shot together

93:22- engagement has been announced, Cal is now the one alone onscreen and the other 3 are now appearing in shot together, Adam receives money from Cal-he rejects it, cal upset

96:30-Cal leaves

96:38-Abra finds him at the tree, hidden from sight, what are they doing?

96:44-Aron has followed

97:00-Cal and Abra still under the tree, Aron is watching but offscreen

97:11-Aron in foreground moves to under tree, Abra is in foreground and the brothers are now hidden under the tree in the background

98:04-Abra leaves

99:51-Cal and Aron head off screen, fades to corridor of mother’s bar

100:16- all three are in shot, Kate and her sons, however she is unaware of Aron’s presence

100:46- Aron reveals himself to Kate

101:37-Cal has closed the door, alone in shot, he walks away

101:42-walking back to the bar

101:54-fades to Adam and Abra

102:03-Cal appears at the window

102:09-Adam leaves the house, finds Cal on the swing

103:51-Cal re-enters house and Abra follows

104:08-Cal is in his room, Abra shortly enters

104:40-Sam appears calling for Adam, Sam is off screen we are watching Cal and Abra’s reactions

104:46-Adam runs out, Sam goes to get Cal, we are watching from Cal’s window and from his perspective we can see Adam running down the strew and off the screen

104:54-Sam enters Cal’s room, finds Cal and Abra at the window

105:20-they all leave, fades to train station, we seen Adam running down the platform in search of Aron

105:35- Aron has been found, he’s on the train

105:55-Cal catches Adam (falls due to stroke, the shock of the situation)

106:14-fades to the house, doctor opens Adam’s bedroom door, Sam was waiting outside, doctor talks to Cal and Abra

107:06-Doctor leaves, Sam quotes a bible verse at Cal and leaves (107:26) Cal and Abra are now the only characters on screen

107:47-nurse emerges from Adam’s room

108:00-nurse and Cal

108:14-Abra appears, Cal enters Adam’s room nurse leaves shot

108:30-After the nurse had left, Abra now enters Adam’s room

108:34- all 3 characters onscreen,inside Adam’s room, nurse then enters

109:10-nurse leaves

110:17-Cal leaves, Abra talks to Adam

112:35-Abra leaves, finds Cal outside the door, nurse enters Adam’s room

112:45-Abra is talking to Cal

113:15-Nurse emerges from Adam’s room, three of them can be seen on screen as Abra slowly pushes Cal into Adam’s room, left outside with Abra and the nurse who shortly leaves

113:49-Abra slowly enters the room

113:57-inside Adam’s room

114:14-nurse enters looking for some coffee, Cal shouts at her, Abra, Cal and Adam are now left on screen until the end of the film.



Character’s scenes

Borrowed this idea from another group.. sorry! where I’ve divided up the film into 5 minute slots and marked which characters feature allowing us to keep track of who we are seeing onscreen and which characters are off, we can then think about what these characters, that are off screen, may be doing while the film progresses.


Character Archetypes – East of Eden…

We’ve assigned archetypes to our main characters, this is currently how it looks…

  • CAL – Byronic Hero
  • ADAM – Herald/Failed Mentor/Catalyst Hero
  • ARON – Threshold Guardian
  • ABRA – Ally
  • KATE – Shadow Trickster
  • SAM – Mentor
  • VILLAIN – Cal’s emotional struggle?

We will plan to look at each of these in detail, explain why we think they are suited and providing some evidence to back up our decisions.