Game Craft

Why have I never been to a gamecraft before?! I had a fantastic day!

The theme was Heroic pursuits. My team consisted of 3 other classmates and a programmer named Kevin Beimers (Italic Pig).

We started off by brainstorming the theme, really thinking outside of the box to generate ideas such as:

  • heroin – an addict whose quest is getting his next fix
  • unsung hero’s… janitor’s etc.
  • you play the part of a celebrity trying to escape their fans and the paparazzi.. but to make the character run you had to sing

and many more but on to our main idea…

we chose to look at unsung heroes and went with the idea of a comic book store owner. A customer would come in and ask for a certain issue of whatever comic and it would be your job to find it before they got angry and left. The only problem is that the the back of the store is filled with boxes of unorganised comics. When playing (on a touch screen) you would pick a box and scroll through the piles of comics but if you let go of the screen, you will jump back to the start and if you passed the comic you would also go back to the start. We were aiming to create a game similar to the idea of flappy bird – it’s annoying but completely addictive!

My job was to create some comic book covers, some contain downloadable comic backgrounds:

comic #1 cover#2 comic#3 COMIC4 comic #5 cover #6 cover#7 cover #8 comic#9 cover #10 cover #11 cover 12